Our Products

1. Food and beverage Industrial products

MagFood provide both small and bulk pack size of various products suitable for small, medium and big industries. The available pack size that are 1 kg, 5kg,10kg and 20kg of following items:

a.      Powder seasoning mix for dusting and slurry application that suitable for snack and light meal industries such as variety of chips, crackers, popcorn, peanuts, snack noodles, fried potatoes/ cassava, etc.
Seasoning mix variants such as barbeque (BBQ), Balado  (hot indonesian taste), sweet corn, roasted corn, spicy corn, chicken, pizza, beef, black pepper, seaweed, chocolate, vanilla etc.

b. Powder Seasoning and premix (ready mix powder) for dough application for instant noodles seasoning, meatballs, dumplings, dimsum, etc. That are available in various products such as : chicken/beef bouillion, chicken/beef/shrimp powder, premix of meatball/ dumpling etc

c. ready mix powder for biscuits, cake/bakery industries

d. Food Ingredients used in F&B industries such as onion, garlic, Chili, chiken/beef powder, chicken fat, etc.

e. Coating mix products such breadcrumb, powder coating mix for nugget, tempura, mushroom etc

f.  Powder drink and premix such as lemon tea, chocolate, strawberry, readymix “cing cau” etc

2. Food Service Products

Various cooking seasoning mix needed for HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and caterings) as follows:
a. Powder seasoning: chicken broth, beef broth, shrimp broth, seasoned flour (coating mix), tempura mix, etc.
b. Cooking and deeping sauces for steak, grill meat and stir fry such as black pepper sauce, yakiniku sauce, BBQ sauce, sweet sour etc..

3. Consumer Goods

The consumer goods ranges such as coating mix powder (seasoned flour, tempura flour) in single pack of 150g and 1kg, powder seasoning for snack and light meal (potatoes, fried snacks) available in various variants with pack size of 500gr and 1kg

4. Produk “Tailor Made”

PT Magfood Inovasi Pangan serves customized products and formula as requested by the clients suitable with their target market and project purposes. We could work together to achieve customer objective for their business such as price concern, special taste or quality, niche market penetration, overseas market, etc. Having special product for certain customers could help them in product differenciation and competitive advantage in the market .
















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